A little about myself

My name is Matthew (yes, I go by my full name) and I am 24 years old. I currently live in Clarksville TN while I am working on getting my masters degree in communications (surprised I didn’t say culinary arts?). Food is not just something I like to consume so that I can keep being alive, but it is also something, one of the few things, that I genuinely enjoy. Don’t get me wrong there is plenty that I do not like about it as well, but for the most part I find it both relaxing and stressful (most of my life is a contradiction).

With the help of this blog I would like to share some of my ideas and inspirations when it comes to food. Like many I believe that food is a universal connection that we all share and while it might be as diverse as the people eating it we can all agree that food helps us in many more ways than just to survive. On this blog I hope to share personal recipes and even stories as well as some history and fascinating facts about ingredients. Yes, you could simply google them but I guarantee it wouldn’t be the same.

If you find yourself enjoying what I write or trying the recipes that I post then let me know, I love hearing about other peoples experiences and feedback is critical for growth. Bon appetit! (sorry I wasn’t sure how to put the mark over the “e”)

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